The posh.


They arrive one by one as we stand there watching, thoughts are running through my mind, who are these people i ask myself?

They have nice suits on, they aren’t my type of people. I don’t like suits I find them to put value on something that isn’t of value. I’m speaking about the characteristics of the individual that wears it. Not fond of them, these people they aren’t my type of people.

Then I realise what is my type of people? Who do I attract and who am I attracted too? The broken? The ones that have lived, and by lived I mean those who’ve had their hearts broken. Emotionally crushed and physically destroyed just to feel different? Who would I attract and who am I that would be attracted to another?

I hear a man call the private venue to a halt, he begins to give a speech about gambling. Not my thing to be honest, I’ll rather smoke.

Nothing the gentleman says is funny yet the crowd laughs? Is it out of respect? I’m not sure maybe they are trying to suck up to him? Out of politeness.. maybe out of the fact that he’s rich? Is that what the human character does? To be accepted in a community where you naturally aren’t.

Pathetic. I just want to ruin the haircuts and walk out, first man approached, he says he came to break the ice so everyone else feels comfortable. Like a fire in my heart I’m surging with rage. Who do you think we are? If I had a gu.. Nevermind.

I sit him down and cape him up. Keeping communication to a bare minimum. Hi, how can I help, he had an accent. He’s Italian.

Afterwards I dust him off and try to rush him out of the chair. I don’t like posh people.

They aren’t any different from me, you bleed? I bleed too. You eat? No ways me too. What makes you different? The paper that lies in your pocket a man made object just to say you’re better. you collect it and build a stack so it can fill you’re egotistical persona. Fuck off.

The night begins to drag on, I receive a message. Yes she messaged me. I got excited finally someone who knows me, a smile begins to form. I feel calm and a sense of comfort. She’s cool. She’s real. The night finally draws to an end and I begin to pack up, packing up is maybe where any individual works the hardest, the faster you work, the sooner you go home. In that sense. Yes please.

Thank you for the opportunity for the private venue I say to my boss, but one thought runs through my head “never again….. never again”

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